Alan + Jiaying Same Day Edit

Same day Wedding, with ROM and first March In

Lynette + Siew Shin Same Day Edit

Same Day Church Wedding

Bernard + Anthea Destination Pre

Destination Engagement in France

Esther + Gilbert Same Day Edit

Same Day Church Wedding

Fresh news from us :)

  • Alan + Jiaying Same Day Edit

    Alan and Jiaying’s wedding was a beautiful affair. During the ROM, Jiaying’s brother walked her down the aisle to meet Alan, a moment that in hindsight, was a memorable one. (Jiaying mentioned later that evening that her brother really doted […]

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  • Bernard + Anthea’s Destination Engagement in France

    Bernard and Anthea have a “telepathic” sort of relationship, they both know what each other is going to say and have their own mini-dictionary of lingo that they use. Growing in Christ and in life together, these two have embarked […]

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  • Lynette and Siew Shin Same Day Edit

    We had the pleasure of filming and crafting the videos for Siew Shin and Lynette’s wedding recently. It was heartwarming to meet up with her family (especially her brother, as we had filmed his wedding too!) They had their wedding […]

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  • Carmen Joel Destination Pre Wedding Denmark

    Featuring Carmen and Joel, whom we travelled with to Denmark. We went to a small town north of Denmark and there were many beautiful places to see!
    We loved how the couple would compliment each other in all that they […]

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  • Johnson Debbie Destination Pre Wedding Fusion

    It’s been a while since we’ve posted up a fusion video with our friend, Nathan Wu
    Showcasing Johnson and Debbie’s pre-wedding sessions in France. We were there in March 2015 but could only showcase this now because their actual day […]

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