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Wedding Video Sample 1 - Lawrence + Hui Lin Same Day Edit

Filming Lawrence and Hui Lin’s wedding was very fulfilling for us. We loved every moment of it and were able to meet many nice people there. From the video, you can see Lawrence’s fun side as well as his sweet and caring concern for his wife , Hui Lin’s elegant nature and she’s always a family girl :) A nice event which saw more than 800 guests appearing at their wedding at Borneo Convention Centre. We know that the couple had spent a huge effort to make their big day a beautiful celebration and ensured every guest had a good time. Our heartiest congratulations to the lovely couple and best wishes to Lawrence and Hui Lin :)

Wedding Video Sample 2 - Si Ning & Thomas Same Day Edit

This wedding was highly anticipated and it was such fun to be a part of it :) Having met Si Ning & Thomas over a year ago at Yiing & Haoyi’s wedding, we found them to be very friendly and sporting at the same time. Fast forward a year later, Si Ning & Thomas had already engaged us and by then, we had already produced a Love Story Concept video for them. I was impressed by their attention to detail and how Thomas used QR codes to propose to Si Ning. On their wedding day, there was a twist to the usual gatecrashing games. Here’s how it went; ( Bride + Groomsmen VS Groom + Bridesmaids ) A refreshing take on the usual games where the guys will ensure the groom has his fair share of “punishment” before reaching the bride. We had many laughs during that time, especially with the homemade “muah chee” from Yiing & Haoyi The couple had their solemnisation at One Degree 15 @ Sentosa Cove and we managed to get a successful aerial video session there. Indeed we were blessed by having both the cooperation of the wedding party as well as the staff from One Degree 15. A lovely wedding with many familiar faces and an overall celebratory vibe which saw both families coming together as one. Whilst filming, we noted that they never failed to smile and have fun on their wedding day! We wish the couple many happy blessings, congratulations Si Ning & Thomas :)

Wedding Video Sample 3 - Liwei & Eunice Same Day Edit

It is certainly exciting filming a friend’s wedding, even more so when the groom is an avid photographer with a keen eye :) Liwei & Eunice’s wedding in church was a joyus affair. With many friends and family turning up to share in that joy. The couple are members at my church and we’ve been friends for more than a decade. It was certainly fitting that we do our best for the lovely couple. The ladies had planned a series of games which saw the boys carrying the groom, flipping small snacks with a cap and dancing. Topping it off with instructions that Liwei has to take polariods of all the games that happened. The church ceremony was peppered with nice “homemade” decor, with loads of great help from fellow church members. I am always amazed at how St John’s Chapel gets together as a family to celebrate each other’s milestones in life :) It has been a wonderful journey with Liwei & Eunice and we wish this couple the very best that God has in store for them. Congratulations Liwei & Eunice :)

Wedding Video Sample 4 - Christopher & Charmaine Same Day Edit

Flying up to Perth to film Christopher and Charmaine's wedding has been truly an experience. The couple are friends of ours residing in Perth and we thank them for bringing us over to film their big day. Being winter, we had the incorrect notion that it would be gloomy, rainy and cold. Instead, it was sunny, with blue skies and cold (which helped as we didn't event break a sweat lugging our equipment around). It was also a chance for us to utilise our aerial videography skills. This is our first overseas wedding with aerial video! (More to come too, haha) The wedding ceremony was held at their local church, a really nice place near where they stay. The turnout was huge! There were so many friends and family that we absolutely had to take a shot of everyone present using our aerial drone. We also had a bit of fun filming around Perth during their outdoor scenes. The couple even brought props to the shoot, which made it more fun :) The bridesmaids were ever so supportive and even took turns giving the bride massages. The groomsmen were clearly sharing the couple's joy, often joking and laughing (usually at the expense of each other). We could see that this couple was made for each other, especially during times where they know what each other is thinking and exchanging glances at each other during the ceremony. (We caught that on video too. haha) Truly, a wonderful day for an awesome couple. Congratulations Christopher & Charmaine :)

Wedding morning highlights by IrisWave! We love the filming, the editing, the song and everything about it! Awesome work by Alvin and his two helpers.. :) - Eric & Xiu Min // // Hi Alvin, thanks for making our wedding so much more complete and memorable with your dedication and commitment towards capturing every single moment for us. Big thank you! :) - Jacintha & Ivan