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Adeline + Wilson Destination Pre Wedding

The next installation of our work in France, Provence. This is a combined video of both Nathan Wu & IrisWave’s work. (Stills by Nathan, Videos by Alvin) It was great filming the couple’s pre-wedding with such lovely natural landscapes and a beautiful church atop the mountain. However, the it was the couple that truly shined, Adeline was always all smiles and Wilson was always obliging to take more shots. Even when we had to start filming in the early mornings where it was really cold! A couple that’s truly made for each other, affirming each other all the time. It is our honor to have been part of their wedding journey and to have become friends. Wishing Adeline and Wilson the best in life. Félicitations pour votre mariage!

Eric & Pinky Same Day Edit

Fancy a Disney themed wedding day? Eric & Pinky's wedding was one such wedding! The bridal entourage all had matching outfits, right up to the wigs :) We were really excited to film this wedding too, having known Eric and Pinky for more than a year. It was really cute to see "princes" doing the gatecrash and "princesses" posing along Labrador park. We're truly grateful to the couple for their confidence in our work and for us to be a part of their big day. We'll see them soon for Eric's sister's wedding :) Congratulations Eric & Pinky!

Andrew + Stephanie Same Day Edit

"Red + Blue = Purple " That's how Andrew & Stephanie's pastor described their characters. Andrew's a "red" and Stephanie "blue". Maybe it's how he interprets their characters, two individuals with their own strengths coming together to form a family. Andrew and his groomsmen are the hilarious types, we've met most of them from other weddings (like Paul + Nicole's and Kennth & Karen's) so we kind of knew what to expect. But what we didn't see coming were their outfits. These guys never fail to amaze us! Stephanie and her bridesmaid were rather cool, maybe they were nervous, but they sure didn't show it! An enjoyable day with some of the most awesome looking decor and gifts. From little bags of potpurri to small wooden trains etc, their church wedding is a sight to behold! Congratulations Andrew & Stephanie :)

Keith + Joanna Same Day Edit

Keith & Joanna’s wedding was on such a sunny day! It was a wedding that included many games (including a creative “picture frame” game) and a solemnisation at their hotel. We met Keith and Joanna almost a year before their wedding and from the discussion, we could already picture their wedding to be a very fun one! Sure enough, the day was filled with much laughter and they had a solemnisation at the hotel just before their dinner banquet. We’ve lucky to have been part of their wedding :) We hope you enjoy this video as much as we have crafting it :) Congratulations Keith & Joanna :)

Wedding morning highlights by IrisWave! We love the filming, the editing, the song and everything about it! Awesome work by Alvin and his two helpers.. :) - Eric & Xiu Min // // Hi Alvin, thanks for making our wedding so much more complete and memorable with your dedication and commitment towards capturing every single moment for us. Big thank you! :) - Jacintha & Ivan